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Divine & Authentic Inc or DNA Inc for short, was created for the purpose of bettering humanity.


It all started in 2011, when we decided to create something that could allow anyone to make the world a better place. It had to be simple, easy and effective. So what’s one thing that we all use as humans? Clothes. It’s a need of every human.


Thus, we could use the need of every human to provide the needs for other humans.


Years later, the CEO of our company, lost his best friend to suicide on July 31st, 2015.

His name was Theodore Alexander Cohall and he had intended to become Vice President of this company.


They met in college and quickly became best friends, roommates and really - more like brothers than anything else. Theo graduated from the University of Central Florida, had his entire life ahead of him, dating a former Miss America, had a great job with Samsung and even recently passed his course for his Real Estate licensing - life was good! 


They had big plans but he was struggling mentally from a traumatic experience of his mother being murdered in his early teenage years. He took his own life and no one saw it coming.


It rocked the world and hurt everyone who knew him to their core. I don’t know if you’ve ever lost someone close to you, but it seems like life will never be the same - because there’s now a part of it missing - permanently.

We decided to include his story as a part of this mission, so we can take mental health more seriously. So not only are we using 100 % of our profits towards providing food, water and shelter to those in need, but we’re partnering with counselors and life coaches to help support mental health journeys while focusing on ways to lower the suicide rate.


Every purchase changes lives. These are truly clothes for a cause!


Your purchase is very much appreciated as we consider every customer a partner in our mission.


Thank you and welcome to the DNA movement.

Together we will think locally, act globally and instantaneously advance the human race!

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